Rainbow Thosai at Greenleaf Cafe

Delightful Rainbow Thosai at Greenleaf Cafe

Located along Cuff Road in Little India, Greenleaf café offers diners a huge variety of vegetarian options without mock meats.


It was about 6pm and the restaurant was already half full and getting ready for the dinner crowd. We managed to get a table.


Service was prompt and attentive. We were served a cup of warm cumin water the moment we sat down.


They have a huge menu – more than 150 items. The owner in fact mentioned that they have over 300 items. If you just love to read about food and ingredients, the menu is chockful of information.


We ordered the Paneer Pulao, Mushroom Pepper Fry and Rainbow Thosai.


Paneer Pulao and Mushroom Pepper Fry

The Mushroom Pepper Fry (right) complemented the Paneer Pulao (left) quite well.


When the waiter placed the piping hot pot of rice on the table I could immediately get a whiff of the cardamom, cloves and rose water from the Paneer Pulao. The rice was light and fluffy and not at all oily. The coriander gave the dish some freshness and the sweetness from the caramelized onions gave the dish a lovely balance of savory sweet and spice. The Mushroom Pepper Fry complemented the Pulao quite well.


The Rainbow Thosai was something very different. It was composed of five different thosai types (tomato, coriander, onion, vegetable and podi). It reminded me of something my grandmother used to make. It just brought me home with the first bite. I really liked the chutney. While they had the usual Coconut Chutney and Sambar. What made this special was the Tamarind Leave Chutney. It was tangy, spicy and sour, all at the same time.


The wonderful thing about the vegetarian food at Greenleaf is that they don’t use mock meats. I just love the fact that their preparation has no artificial flavorings like MSG. You taste the natural flavors of the foods as they were intended. It was a very lovely meal indeed.


I also understand from the owners that they can prepare vegan and Jain meals. They have special dishes on the weekends. Like Jackfruit Briyani, Mushroom Briyani on Saturdays and Nasi Lemak on Sundays.


If you are planning to dine there during peak hours, recommend you head out earlier as it can get quite busy during lunch and dinner service.


They also do delivery – just WhatsApp your order .


When the waiter placed the piping hot pot of rice on the table I could immediately get a whiff of the cardamom, cloves and rose water from the Paneer Pulao.”


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Opening hours: 11am to 10pm every day and closed on Tuesdays.


Address: 43 Cuff Rd, Singapore 209753.


Service options: dine-in, takeaway & no-contact delivery


How to get there:  the nearest MRT stations are at Little India and Jalan Besar.

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