Business Engineers Asia Pte Ltd
Company:Business Engineers Asia Pte Ltd
Industry:Supply Chain
Business Type:E-Commerce / B2C & B2B Retail & Wholesale / Value Added Logistics
Key Executives:

Kanthiban s/o Rajasegran (Thiban), CEO & Founder

Sudave Ramachanderan (Sudave), Director, Business Development & Strategic Partnerships

Contact Person:Kanthiban
Phone (Mobile):(65) 9740 1224
Office Address:

28 Riverside Road, #05-01 Singapore 739085

General Enquiries :
Office Address :

28 Riverside Road, #05-01 Singapore 739085

Profile :

Business Engineers Asia (BEA) specialises in business entry into Singapore and as a stepping stone into ASEAN and India. BEA’s unique approach to business has positioned them as a preferred partner for Singapore’s biggest e-commerce grocery channels of RedMart and NTUC Marketplace. BEA’s “Singapore Incubator” (Business Entry Program), a recognised and endorsed business solution, offers foreign companies a unique market entry - Singapore Incubator - which is actively supported and pursued by Embassies, Trade Associations, Chambers of Commerce, including Singapore Government Agencies.


The Singapore Incubator Business Entry Program is designed to allow a foreign company to do business in Singapore without having a direct presence in Singapore, or distributor or partner, instead generating revenue through alternative online and offline channels. BEP is also structured to support local startups and Singapore-based businesses through a unique, customized local solution which supports their entire backend work comprising of 7 days a week support, with unlimited pick & pack, unrestricted number of products (SKUs) on a pallet plus other value added factors, making it a truly comprehensive and cost-efficient solution.


BEA has offices in India to support Singapore & foreign SMEs' expansion into India’s e-commerce and also in Ukraine to support business growth between Singapore and East / Central European markets.



  • Market Entry (Singapore) – Advisory, Channel & Distribution Management
  • Market Entry (Singapore / India) – E-Commerce & Cross Border
  • RedMart & NTUC Online (E-Grocery) Setup & Strategic Expansion
  • Export & Import Consultancy (FMCG Products)
  • Product Development & Market Entry Regulatory Approvals
  • Business Sourcing / Out-Sourcing (Singapore & East / Central Europe)
  • Value Added Warehousing & Storage Support
  • Global Sourcing (FMCG / Commodity) Products

Services :