Radha, Krishna and Naragasura visit Little India

Radha, Krishna and Narakasura

As part of the Little India Shopkeepers and Heritage Association (LISHA)’s annual Deepavali celebration, the three Purana (Indian epic) characters Radha, Krishna and Naragasura will be brought to life. On 1 October 2022, mascots of the three characters will walk down Little India,  interact with shopkeepers and patrons and pose for pictures with them.



Mr P Ruthirapathy, Honorary Secretary of LISHA, said:  “These Purana characters are central to Deepavali and led to its celebration. We hope to remind everyone of the true meaning and significance of Deepavali.” 


A range of other events are also being organised to mark the occasion from 16 September to 13 November 2022:


Deepavali Light-Up (16 September to 13 November)

Deepavali Light Up 2022


Footfall to Little India typically increases during the light up period, with around 5 million visitors expected during this period this year.  The main focal point of the light up decorations will be images of peacock feathers, along with traditional Indian musical instruments and dancers.


Mediacorp (Vasantham) live show (16 September)

 Mediacorp (Vasantham) Deepavali Live Show


Mediacorp (Vasantham) will host a live show from 6.30 to 9 30 pm on 16 September as the light up is launched. The show is open to the public.


Deepavali Games Challenge (1 October)

Deepavali 2022 Games Challenge


Deepavali Game Challenge, to be held at the Poli field, is aimed at fostering family bonding.  Participants must register as a family, with a group size of four, comprising of at least one adult and one child below the age of 12. Individual registrations will not be allowed. Tourists can also take part in the challenge, which is a free event. The Challenge will include a series of outdoor competitions, including one specifically targeted at the children in the groups. 


Deepavali live cooking demo (1 October)

Deepavali Live Cooking Demo (LISHA)


Chefs from popular Indian restaurants who have received star ratings will  demonstrate their preparation of a Deepavali dish live. This event will be held in the respective kitchens of the and the event will be streamed live on LISHA’s YouTube channel and Facebook. 


Launch of designs on public transport (3 October)

Designs on public trains and buses


The Deepavali light up designs will be displayed on public trains and buses. These designs will also have illustrations and write ups explaining the concept of the design. They will be on trains and buses for six weeks starting from 3 October 2022. LISHA has also set up a corner to display the art of rangoli The rangoli corner will be available for the public to learn more about the art and  try their hand with rangoli, every Saturday from 10 am to 12 pm and 4 pm to 5.30 pm. 


Miss and Mrs LISHA Saree Queen (8 October)

Miss & Mrs LISHA Saree Queen


Ladies are being invited to drape in sarees and send in their video presentations via LISHA’s Facebook site. There will be three winners who will be announced on 8 October.


Cultural show and competition (8 & 22 October)

Deepavali 2022 Celebrations Cultural Show and Competition


Two free cultural shows consisting of songs and dances will be held at the POLI ground. The show on the 8th of October will have a Tamil rap competition. Local talent Yung Raja will be the judge for this competition. The show on the 22nd of October will feature a saree and dhoti draping session. This segment is targeted more at the tourists in the precinct.


The Hunt for Tradition (8 & 15 October)

The Hunt for Tradition


To educate the tourists and the general public on Indian tradition as well as on Deepavali, LISHA will be holding a competitive treasure hunt on 8 and 15 October.  There will be 10 stations spread across the vicinity of Little India, where 25 pairs of participants will have to solve clues at each station. Participation is open to all Singapore residents and tourists.


Thittikum Deepavali Sweets (16 October)

Thittikum Deepavali Sweets by LISHA's Deepavali Celebrations 2022


Twelve different types of sweet desserts from 12 different Indian ethnicities will be showcased at this event, which will be broadcast on YouTube and Facebook. Viewers can learn how to prepare the desserts.


Best Decorated Shop award (17 October)

Best Decorated Shop Award LISHA Deepavali Celebrations 2022


LISHA has invited shops across Little India to decorate their facades. The decisions will be announced on 17 October. Winners will receive up to $3,000 and will also be highlighted on LISHA’s social media platforms.


Deepavali Wishes from Pioneers (17 October)

Deepavali Wishes from Pioneers by LISHA's Deepavali 2022 Celebrations


Veteran merchants will express their Deepavali greetings at this virtual event, to be broadcast via social media.

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