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Hey there, fellow foodies! If prata is what tickles your fancy, I’ve got a hot spot that you need to add to your foodie checklist – Springleaf Prata Place. This place is a haven for prata aficionados looking to spice up their meal routines with some inventive prata delights. Let’s dive into what makes this joint a hit.


Kickstarting my culinary adventure was the Murtaburger. Picture this: a prata and a burger join forces to bring you a mouthwatering creation. The lamb patty is tender, seasoned with a mix that might remind you of satay.


Unforgettable experience

Up next, the Ultimate Murtabak. This isn’t your standard Murtabak. Imagine a prata stuffed with cheesy, spicy tandoori chicken. It’s like biting into a slice of pizza, except it’s wrapped in the comforting embrace of prata. It’s hearty, it’s flavorful, and it’s truly unforgettable.


Springleaf’s Ultimate Murtabak isn’t your standard Murtabak…


Sometimes, you just need that taste of tradition. The Coin Prata stands out for being true to its roots. Small, crispy, fluffy – these prata bites are the perfect classic choice. They’re made for dunking into curry and savouring every last crunchy, fluffy bite. I think for those of you who are afraid of spice, the Coin Prata could also be a great dessert accompanied with condensed milk.


Pure genius

Now, let’s talk about the Plaster Blaster. It’s a genius brunch-inspired prata that brings a touch of elegance to the table. A crispy prata base, a poached egg, and a generous drizzle of Hollandaise sauce come together for a rich and indulgent treat. I can’t help but think a few slices of smoked salmon and a dash of chives would make this already stellar dish absolutely divine.


For those who, like me, think the more curry the better, you’re in for a treat. The fish curry at Springleaf Prata Shop is simply fabulous. Not only is it rich and perfectly spiced, but it’s also unlimited – a dream come true for us ‘super soakers’ who love to let our prata swim in a sea of curry goodness.


Springleaf Prata Shop is not just about eating; it’s an experience, a joyous celebration of prata in all its forms. Whether you’re here for the classics or up for trying something new, this place won’t disappoint. Each outlet across Singapore offers the same high-quality, innovative food that will make you fall in love with prata all over again. So, don’t wait – head over to Springleaf Prata Shop and indulge in some serious prata wizardry!



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