SIET Charity Golf issues call for donors

SIET Charity Golf 2023

Since 2007, the SIET (Singapore Indian Education Trust) Charity Golf event has been raising funds to support promising young Indian students realise their educational aspirations. Every year since its inception, the event has attracted more than 100 golfers. To date the event has raised over $1,000,000.


This year, the event will be held on Friday, 25 August 2023, at Sembawang Country Club. After golf, the event will be followed by an evening dinner, lucky draw, and tournament prizes. All prizes, lunch, dinner, and drinks are sponsored by generous donors.


Formed in 1967 by then trade unionist G Kandasamy, SIET raises funds to support needy and deserving Singaporean Indian students’ educational aspirations. Every year, SIET awards bursaries to more than 200 students from ITE to tertiary levels. The SIET also helps needy students pursue their tertiary education through interest free loans.


Uniting two passions

The event unites two passions – participants’ love for golf and the desire to give back, especially to help young people who are financially challenged. It was initiated by a group of golfing enthusiasts who wanted to contribute to SIET’s mission.


The following are some success stories:



Throughout her academic life,  Poovaneswari faced financial difficulties and lacked support from her family. To sustain herself financially, she had to take on various temporary jobs. Although she resided with her parents, her family situation was dysfunctional, and she even faced the possibility of being asked to leave her house. Her educational journey took a longer path as she initially attended ITE but she worked her way to Polytechnic and graduated with an impressive GPA of 3.5. Finally, she pursued her Bachelor of Science in Nursing at the prestigious Kings’ College, known for its excellence in nursing education. Despite the numerous obstacles she encountered, she persevered and successfully graduated with an Upper Second Class Honours degree from Kings’ College in October 2022.


Kanissha experienced a difficult childhood, characterised by abusive behavior from her father, towards both her and her mother. To ensure their safety, a personal protection order had been issued against her father. Presently, she resides alone in a rented flat while her mother receives care from the Sree Narayana mission. Without any familial or relative support, she has taken on occasional teaching assignments to cover her monthly rental expenses. However by receiving support from SIET, she has been able to pursue her Bachelor of Arts program majoring in Psychology. Currently in her first year, Kanissha is expected to graduate in 2025. The total cost of her tuition fees is expected to amount to approximately $34,000.



Ravanesh’s parents are divorced and his family faces numerous financial difficulties. Additionally, his mother lost a significant loss of money due to a scam. To help alleviate the financial burden on the family, Ravanesh initially made the difficult decision to discontinue his education at ITE. His mother, who supports the family financially, has to allocate her salary towards various expenses such as utilities and loan repayments. However, determined to succeed academically, and with support from SIET he enrolled himself into the IGCSE program at Kaplan Higher Education Academy. He commenced his studies in May 2023 and is expected to complete the course in October 2023. 


Lotus’s parents are separated. Her mother carries the responsibility of being the sole provider for the family. Lotus has a younger brother who attends Metta School and requires special care . Her older brother has been unemployed for over two years while her younger sister is currently still in secondary school. Lotus is currently pursuing a Foundation Diploma in Life Science with PSB Academy. Her course will be starting in June 2023 and she will be graduating in June 2024.


Donors who wish to contribute can do so in the following ways:




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