In search of the perfect Tandoori Chicken

Riverwalk Tandoori's Tandoori Chicken

Tandoori Chicken is one of the crowning glories of North Indian food. The North Indian food experience simply would not be complete without having tasted this succulent dish.


In Singapore, thankfully there are a number of North Indian restaurants serving this hallmark dish. However, not many places can do justice to it. Most times you get a very dry piece of chicken. You will know that it has been sitting in the tandoor a little too long. But at some places the chef does take more pride in their signature dish.


Riverwalk Tandoor (RWT), located at at Little India, a stone’s throw away from Mustafa Shopping Centre, is one of those.


At RWT, the chicken was tender and juicy. I love breast meat and the challenge with breast meat is that if it is not done right, it can be very dry. The meat was done perfectly and paired so well with the mint and yogurt chutney, cutting through the spice.


Riverwalk Tandoor's Smorgasbord of Dishes

Other offerings

During a recent trip there with my husband, I also gravitated towards a range of their other dishes, that have been my favourites.


I have always enjoyed their Fish Curry which is creamy and a little heavier than the South Indian version. There was no fishy smell at all also.


Yes, I am one those people who cannot take the fishy, meaty smells and Indian food is great that way, as the spices mask the smells of the meat.


We also tried out the Maakiki Roti, Dal Makani (Kidney Beans Curry), Sarson Ka Saag (Creamy Spinach Dish), Mutton Biryani, Tandoori Chicken and Butter chicken.


The roti was a light unleavened flatbread made from cornmeal. It is almost like a soft tortilla but with ghee. It went really well with the Sarson Ka Saag and Dal Makni. The spices were not too overpowering. I mopped up all that creamy spinach with the roti. Real comfort food.


RWT’s Tandoori chicken was done perfectly and paired so well with the mint and yogurt chutney, cutting through the spice.

Mutton Briyani

The Mutton Biryani was enough for 2 people. It came in a lovely copper pot – four stars for presentation – and was steaming. The fragrance of the ghee, cinnamon and cardamom was wafting in the air as they brought the dish to the table.


When you tuck into the Biryani you will notice that every grain of basmati rice is still whole. The rice absorbed the flavours of the curried mutton. The mutton was fall off the bone. And if you have never fancied mutton or just did not like the gamey smell of it, then this Mutton Biryani may change your mind about it. There was no gamey smell at all. The marination of the spices masked the gaminess of the mutton.


We ended our meal with a glass of Masala Chai and Gulab Jamun, a savoury desert consisting of milk balls soaked in a saffron infused sugar syrup. What a lovely way to end the meal.



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